MatchCut review: Great for combining your video clips, but needs something more

Select video clips from your photo library, pick background music, then let MatchCut do the rest.

Jason Parker

Jason Parker

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MatchCut(iOS|Android) is a fun app that turns your regular videos into a 30-second movie with background music that matches up with the action onscreen. It also has a social networking component where you can post your movies, see what others have posted, and "Like" what you see.



The Good

<b>MatchCut</b> makes it easy to combine video clips into 30-second movies with music. A simple process lets you create your movies incredibly fast.

The Bad

The app has no filters, effects, or other customization options.

The Bottom Line

Great for adults or children, MatchCut gives you a fun and easy process to enjoy your video clips, but it needs some work to make it truly great.

When I first watched a movie made from my video clips using MatchCut, it immediately reminded me of making "movie trailers" using Apple's iMovie app. While MatchCut doesn't have the same feature set, it's incredibly easy to use, but I still think it needs something more to really catch on.

MatchCut gives you new ways to enjoy your video clips (pictures)

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Dive right in

Setting up a MatchCut couldn't be easier. Simply touch the Create button in the bottom center, then use tabs at the top to choose either from your portrait or landscape shot video clips in your smartphone's library. Touch to select as many of your video clips as you want, but remember you only have 30 seconds of show time, so three or four clips is probably about right. When you're finished with your selections, you can hit the Next button in the top right.

At the top you can see that you can either use portrait or landscape videos for your project. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Your next step is to add some music. MatchCut comes with over 50 royalty-free songs for your MatchCut videos, with Hollywood-style themes (for that movie trailer feel) and several other indie selections that closely resemble popular music you probably already know. As an example there's a track called Gum Gum Style that closely resembles Psy's "Gangnam Style." There are selections for just about every mood so it's easy to find something to match up with your clips.

Once you've selected your music and hit next, MatchCut goes to work splitting up your clips and matching the cuts to the beat of the music. One thing that's great about the app is the process is extremely fast, letting you watch your preview in under 10 seconds.

Sharing your work

You can share your finished videos or just export them to your smartphone's library. There are not a lot of choices for social networks besides Facebook, but as the app description points out, it's very easy to post to YouTube and share with everyone.

Even if you don't choose to share it on the major social networks, you can post it to MatchCut's user feed where other people will be able to "like" your video and leave comments on your work.

Hit the Explore button on the bottom to see what other users have submitted to MatchCut. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Almost perfect

Like I mentioned earlier, MatchCut reminds me of the trailer features in iMovie, but unfortunately it also makes me wish the app included something more in the creation process. Sure, the app is only a three-step process, and yes, it produces a finished preview incredibly fast. But I can't help but think the ability to enter text on screen would make this app a lot more fun. It also could stand to have some filters, so you could create black-and-white or sepia videos for that old-timey effect.

What I'm saying is that the app is great at what it does, but with a few more customization options, it could be a lot more fun to use and it would enable you to tell a richer story with your projects.


MatchCut is a really great idea to let you use your video clips in a new way. The three-step process is intuitive and it's easy enough that a toddler could make professional-looking video compilations with music.

Even with all that MatchCut has going for it, I think it needs something more. Filters or the ability to enter text for telling your story would be great, but perhaps the developers avoided the extra steps to keep the process simple. Whatever the reason, I can't help but think it could be better.

Still, if you're looking for a new way to use the video clips on your smartphone that produces professional-looking movies with music, MatchCut is simple, fast, and fun.



Score Breakdown

Setup 9Features 7Interface 8Performance 8