Magisto for Android review: A video editor that does the work for you

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The Good Magisto creates polished videos from your footage, and requires zero editing skills on your part. Dozens of song options are built in, or you can use or own tunes. It supports all standard video formats.

The Bad Free users are limited to videos of about a minute in length. Twelve theme options are not enough. With the app's poorly designed video picker tool, selecting clips can get annoying and tedious.

The Bottom Line Despite its limitations and problematic interface, Magisto is great for quickly and effortlessly throwing together short, polished video compilations.


7.3 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 7
  • Interface 7
  • Performance 7

With Magisto, you can turn all of your stale mobile footage into a polished compilation video that's ready to be shared. With the help of Magisto's seemingly magical technology, the app analyzes your videos, picks out interesting clips, and automatically edits them together, complete with music and transitions. It requires no editing skills at all.

Right off the bat, Magisto makes things simple with two large buttons that let you either start shooting a new video or jump straight to your Gallery to sift through existing videos.

If you choose to shoot a new video, Magisto jumps to its in-app recorder, which can switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras. Each time you start and stop recording, your new clip will be saved in a drawer on the side of the screen. From this drawer, you can see what clips you've recorded, and easily delete any that you don't want to include in your final compilation video. Once you're done recording, you can hit Next to begin selecting any other media you might want to include in your final edit.

The video picker interface lets you look through files in your Gallery as well as any media that might be stored on your Google Drive account. Since the app supports all standard video formats, you shouldn't have to worry about transcoding anything. All you have to do is pick the items you want to include in your final edit and let Magisto find the interesting parts to edit together. The problem is that the interface of this video picker is in major need of work. It gets annoyingly tedious, especially if you have a lot of content saved on your device.