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Mad Skills BMX review: Mad Skills BMX

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The Good Mad Skills BMX has beautiful graphics, tons of tracks to race on, and a whole new control scheme to make it one of the best 2D racers yet.

The Bad The game is so challenging that some will quit out of frustration. Controls are so hard to master, you'll need to repeat levels several times to pass them.

The Bottom Line If you like a serious challenge, this racing game has all the bells and whistles, offering plenty of free content and several tracks to thrill and frustrate you.


9.4 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 9
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 10

Mad Skills BMX (iOS - Universal) is the spiritual sequel to one of my favorite games from a couple of years ago, Mad Skills Motocross. The game is similar to the original (and as addictive), but a different control scheme, new challenges, and upgraded graphics put this version in a league all its own.

The graphics in Mad Skills BMX are a huge step up over the original. A closer viewpoint brings the bikes into greater detail and a sort of cel-shaded art scheme gives the racers and tracks a cartoonish but detailed look.

The folks at developer Turborilla recognize that the technique involved in riding a real BMX bike is quite different than that of motocross, and the game accounts for the differences with a new control scheme. You touch the left side of the screen to pedal, but it's the swipes and gestures on the right side that take the most mastery and make the game interesting.

On the first tutorial level, the game will show you with onscreen graphics how to perform the different moves. A swipe down and hold rushes your bike downward so you can get the most out of down slopes in the racetrack, but it also makes your racer perform wheelies -- the fastest way to race through what the game calls "whoops" (rolling jumps). A swipe up makes your racer jump.

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