Lumo Run shorts track your pelvis movement to make you a better runner

These running shorts go deeper than distance and pace -- they actually know how your body moves when you hit the track.

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When you set out on a run, you can easily track your distance, pace and heart rate with an app, wristband or running watch, but what about tracking how your body actually moves?

Lumo Run, a pair of smart running shorts for both women and men, uses sensors to measure the movements of your hips and pelvis to give you better insights into your running form.

They hail from the same company that built the Lumo Lift , a posture wearable that detects the movement and position of your upper body and spine. Lumo took some of the same sensor tech from Lift and brought it to Run. Since many running injuries and ailments can start in your hips, the company focused its attention there.

Sensing your form

The shorts, which come in a loose style for men and tight-fitting capri for women, uses an accelerometer and gyroscope built into a small sensor that lives in the back of the waistband. That sensor tracks your cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic rotation, stride and ground contact with each step.

As you run, Lumo Run uses the sensor's data to give you live audio coaching through the accompanying iOS app (Android will come later) to adjust your form for better performance and injury prevention. If you'd rather not run with your phone, you can sync data from the sensor after your run and get insights into how you can improve next time.

The sensor sits in the back of the waistband and there's power button on the front of the shorts. Josh Miller/CNET

Real-time coaching

The Lumo Run app acts as a coach, giving you charts on your performance after each run. When you set out for a new workout, the app gives you objectives to work on different aspects of your form, with guidance on how to do it. It can also track the distance of your run and shows you how you moved during each segment of your workout.

Both the shorts and sensor are machine washable, and both are made to last for years. The sensor pops out of the shorts for charging, and Lumo says it's working to get the battery to last for up to one month.

The Lumo Run app shows your running stats. This is a prototype of the finished version. Josh Miller/CNET


Lumo Run shorts are available for preorder now, at a discounted price of $99 for the men's model and $119 for the women's. They will ship in March 2016 and will retail for $149 (men's) and $169 (women's). That's a steep price for running shorts, but you're really paying for the sensor and coaching. And while it's an investment up front, the shorts could be invaluable if you need help with your form or are trying to stave off injury.

We plan to put the Lumo Run shorts through their paces when they're ready, so check back for CNET's full assessment.