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Tabu, the folks behind the Lumen bulb, have added a new product to their LED offerings. It's called the Lumen Mini, and as you probably guessed, it's significantly smaller than the original. This compact little bulb is bluetooth-enabled and it's coming to Kickstarter later this month.

Aside from size, this bulb has a couple of other distinguishing characteristics. First, it's a color LED bulb, so you'll be disappointed if you're expecting the same "warm white" option offered on the original Lumen. That makes the Mini a bit more of a mood light and a bit less of a continuous use light. Of course, you can use it however you like, but it really is designed for a party atmosphere. Just download the free Android or iOS app and you can change the color to suit the specific atmosphere you want to create.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

The Lumen Mini is available in two different bases; the E27 and the smaller E14. That makes it a bit more versatile if your fixtures support different socket sizes. Look for this LED on Kickstarter in late January -- it's expected to retail for $30.