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Looxcie 2 review: Looxcie 2

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The Good Bluetooth streaming works seamlessly. Can use free apps to control the camera through a remote viewfinder.

The Bad Poor audio quality. Multiple apps for similar purposes are confusing. No stills capture.

The Bottom Line For an active parent or someone who likes to keep a watchful eye over their lives every day, the Looxcie is a good way to capture video without needing to carry around a separate camera.

6.5 Overall

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Design and features

The Looxcie is a small Bluetooth headset that can be worn over your ear in the position that a traditional headset would reside. The difference here is that the Looxcie comes with a built-in video camera that can record for up to four hours from its rechargeable battery. It's a way to document your day-to-day activities without having the burden of carrying around a traditional camera or camcorder.

It comes in two configurations: a version with 5 hours of internal video storage for AU$249.95; or 10 hours for AU$279.95.

Setting up the Looxcie should be a straightforward task, but we stumbled at the first hurdle: mounting the ear loop. The hole that the loop has to pass through is rather small, and it takes a lot of force to get the bar to pass through this opening. We fear this may not be an isolated incident, as there's a rather large diagram provided in the box, which instructs the user on how to correctly insert the ear loop.

The device also comes with a range of removable earpieces, which can be changed depending on your preference. Other optional mounting accessories available include a ball-cap clip, a tripod mount and a helmet strap, which sell for AU$19.95 each.

Video quality is 480p, equivalent to DVD resolution, while it downscales to 320p when sharing.

To get started on sharing content from your Looxcie, you need to download one of three apps that are available for either Android or iOS devices.

  1. LooxcieCam is the app for controlling the Looxcie from your smartphone; it records in 480p quality for one hour of footage

  2. LooxcieMoments is for using the camera as a live viewfinder or watching back footage you've already recorded on the device. You can edit portions of a clip and upload it to a sharing site

  3. LooxcieLive is the app for live broadcasting content from your Looxcie to friends who are also using the app on either Android or iOS. You set up a Bluetooth connection from the device to your smartphone, and then it streams online through the LooxcieLive service. There's no web viewing available at the time of writing, so all users must have the app.

It does seem counter-intuitive to have three apps that cover similar functionality when a single app with multiple options would do the job just fine.

The Looxcie works without any stand-alone apps, if you so desire, and records to internal memory. Footage can be viewed on a computer by plugging it in with the included micro-USB cord.

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