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The comfortable concave keys of the Logitech Pro bluetooth keyboard case

Samsung's new tablets get folio keyboard cases from Logitech.

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Logitech pulled the wraps off a new case at CES 2014 for Samsung's brand-new Galaxy NotePro and Galaxy TabPro tablets. Appropriately named the Logitech Pro, this folio-style case comes with a full-size Bluetooth keyboard and doubles as a tablet stand.

The comfy concave keys of the Logitech Pro keyboard case (pictures)

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Designed to fit the new 12.2-inch tablets, the Logitech Pro has a thin design and "durable and wipeable" exterior, according to Logitech. It wraps around the edge of the tablets to prevent scratches on the screen and even protect against spills. Logitech uses its SecureLock system to hold the tablet in place, which is just a fancy term for a few low-profile clips that fasten the tablet to the case without getting in the way.

The version of the case we saw at CES 2014 didn't actually keep the tablet as securely fastened and we'd hoped, but Logitech says that the final release version will do a much better job of keeping it in place.

The Pro comes with a full QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard, which includes a row of special Android shortcut keys such as recent apps, quick panel, and e-mail. The keyboard is about as wide as my Macbook Air keyboard and feels extremely comfortable to type on with slightly concave keys and an immediate tactile level of feedback from each keystroke.

The current design isn't final and Logitech says to expect the release version to better aesthetically match the NotePro's and TabPro's designs at launch in February. James Martin/CNET

Like most folio-style cases, this one can transform into a stand, which can prop up either of the tablets in two configurations. First, you can use it propped up with the keyboard lying flat on a desk or table, which lets you use a Galaxy NotePro or Galaxy TabPro like a laptop. You can also fold the keyboard away and use the tablet flat on a surface or in your lap.

However, with the current design, the keyboard collapses when I lifted it tablet first. Hopefully Logitech finds a way to stabilize the laptop position before release.

The Logitech Pro is expected to go on sale in the US, and parts of Europe and Asia, starting in February. It will retail for $129.99 in the US.

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