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Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP) review: Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP)

Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP)

David Carnoy
David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews

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Soon after the original Sony PSP (the PSP 1000) hit the market a few years ago, Logitech put out the PlayGear Pocket, a protective carrying case for the Sony gaming handheld, which we really liked. Now Logitech has released the same case for newer, slimmer PSP models (the PSP 2000, released in 2007, and the PSP 3000, coming October 2008). It's basically the same case, just a bit smaller. As a result, most of what we said in our earlier review applies to this case as well.


Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP)

The Good

Inexpensive; doesn't add to much bulk to the PSP; helps improve ergonomics while playing games.

The Bad

No room for storing UMD games or extra memory cards.

The Bottom Line

If you can live without any room for storing UMD games or extra memory cards, the Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim is one of the best cases available for your slim PSP.

This simple, yet sleek, case is made of hard, clear plastic, but it's lined with firm, black foam rubber, so it appears to be predominantly black. For creative types, the good news is the rubber lining slips out, allowing you to slide your own artwork between the plastic and the foam, thereby customizing the look of the case. That's why Logitech describes the product as skinnable. (Key the words "PlayGear Pocket skins" into Google and you will find plenty of designs that you can print out on a color printer and cut out to fit in the case).

Your slim PSP fits snugly inside the PlayGear Pocket Slim, and because there are cutouts in the plastic, you can plug your headphones in as well as charge the unit while it remains in the case. In fact, you'll probably remove your PSP only when you're swapping in a new game (or memory card) or transferring files via the USB port. That's right: the PlayGear Pocket is designed to be attached to your PSP while you're playing games. And what's interesting is that, by essentially widening your Sony PSP, it seems to make the PSP more ergonomic, particularly when it comes to repetitive use of the shoulder buttons. Another bonus: the top of the case folds down, effectively turning the case into a stand or an easel for viewing movies or videos.

The PlayGear Pocket has only a couple of small downsides. The first is that it doesn't offer any place to store UMD games or extra memory cards. For that, you'd have to go with something like Sony's own PSP Traveler Case. The other minor downside is that over time the case will get scratched. For many, that won't matter. And in fact, it's pretty much the point: scratch your $15 case, not your $170 handheld.

Like we said about the original PlayGear Pocket, the Slim version is an excellent option for both protecting your investment and making it more comfortable to play with.


Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP)

Score Breakdown

Design 8Features 7Performance 7
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