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Logitech mm22 portable speakers for iPod review: Logitech mm22 portable speakers for iPod

These portable speakers designed for the iPod are neither good nor bad--they're just fair.

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Right away, you'll notice the mm22's cheap construction quality. It's the combination of light, white plastic; a long, rounded form factor; and an adjustable metal stand that gives the speaker set a tchotchkelike feel. At about 9 by 2.2 by 1.5 inches and weighing 12 ounces with batteries, the mm22 isn't the prettiest set we've seen, but it's plenty useful as a portable method for amplifying audio from your iPod or other audio device. It turns out that the iPod-white mm22 can also be used with any audio device with a headphone/line-out jack, including a computer. And the plastic clip-on iPod holder (which comes in three sizes to fit the third- or fourth-generation model, the Photo, and the Mini) can accommodate other like-size MP3 players; they just won't match the speakers.


Logitech mm22 portable speakers for iPod

The Good

Compact; affordable; works with any MP3 player; protective travel case; battery operated.

The Bad

Flimsy and somewhat unattractive design; volume buttons can be difficult to access; no extra features such as a remote control.

The Bottom Line

They're not the prettiest speakers designed for the iPod, but they get the job done at a reasonable price.
Logitech mm22 portable speakers
Apple has sold more than 10 million iPods since 2001, so it's no surprise that companies ranging from Belkin to Gucci are producing third-party accessories for the iconic MP3 player. Perhaps the most useful accessory is the portable speaker set. From Bose's SoundDock to JBL's On Stage, small speakers with big sound designed to match the iPod aesthetic have proliferated the scene. Logitech's $80 mm22 is a relatively affordable set of made-for-iPod portable speakers that, while flimsy in feel and design, sound decent for its size and price.

From the closed position, both the left and right speakers flip out like arms, while the metal stand rotates out to provide solid footing. Each speaker includes two grille-less micro drivers that shine silver and seem to taunt young children to push them in. Indeed, they look like speakers for kids since they lack the sleek design sensibilities of similar offerings from JBL, Altec Lansing, or Bose. But remember that the nicer speakers cost at least twice as much as the mm22.

The mm22, folded inside its protective carrying case.

Flanking the line-in and power ports on the back are two battery compartments, each of which holds two AAA batteries (not included). With the iPod hanging from the speaker base in its made-to-fit plastic holder, you'll find the power switch and the volume-control buttons to either side. They can be difficult to get to since they are nested back behind either speaker. Unlike some pricier portable speakers, the mm22 neither comes with a remote control nor does it let you dock an iPod to allow connections to a computer, recharging, and remote control functionality.

What you get are compactable speakers that can run on batteries, complete with a protective case, all at a decent price. We've messed with $40 portable speakers, and they don't compare favorably in terms of sound quality, which comes through clean and live but predictably tinny with very low presence of bass on the Logitech mm22. Sound will carry through a small room, but don't expect to rock the house, particularly since the mm22 can't handle the highest volumes. These are good for picnics but not for parties. We've heard much better and seen many cooler features--especially for iPod-based designs--but considering the mm22's price, we can't complain too loudly.


Logitech mm22 portable speakers for iPod

Score Breakdown

Design 6Features 5Performance 6
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