Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset (Black) review: Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset (Black)

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MSRP: $99.99

The Good Wireless USB communications headset for PCs; USB dongle requires no software installation; rechargeable battery; Windows and Mac compatible.

The Bad Lackluster sound quality when used for gaming and music listening; not comfortable for long listening sessions.

The Bottom Line The ClearChat PC Wireless Headset is great for VoIP sessions, but it falls short on audio quality and long-term comfort.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

Wireless keyboards, mice, and printers have been around for years, but headphones and headsets are fairly new to the cordless party. Logitech's entry into the fray is the ClearChat PC Wireless Headset. Unlike the Creative Digital Wireless Gaming Headset HS-1200, which is targeted at gamers, Logitech sees the ClearChat as a jack of all trades, intending it to work equally well for listening to music, playing PC games that use voice cooperation, or for standard PC-based communications such as Skype.

The ClearChat uses a USB dongle that instantly sets the headset as the PC's speakers. We really like the ease-of-use factor here; there wasn't any complicated setup involved--you simply plug in the dongle, power up the headset, and you're all set to go. (The ClearChat works equally well on Mac or Windows systems.)

As with the Creative, the ClearChat has an embedded battery in the headset's right earcup. A 2.5-hour charge with the included AC adapter netted us around 6 hours of use, right on par with the estimate from Logitech. You can also use the headset while it's charging. The company claims the device will work within 33 feet of the USB dongle, but we found that the operational limit was closer to 20 feet--anything beyond that gave us an annoying static dropout. That said, the ClearChat ships with a 7-foot USB extension cradle (for the dongle), which will help to expand the transmission radius.

The charge port, volume, and mute buttons all rest on the right earcup.

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