Linsar 19LED805T review: Linsar 19LED805T

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The Good Integrated DVD player;. Slick design;. Good media-playback features;. USB recording.

The Bad Colours can look unnatural;. Poor contrast.

The Bottom Line The Linsar 19LED805T has plenty going for it thanks to its slick design, USB-recording features and good sound, but the 19-inch LED TV's picture quality is something of a let-down.

6.5 Overall

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This 19-incher from Linsar might be small on screen size, but it's big on features. It packs in LED backlighting, an integrated DVD player and a USB port that can be used for both recording TV and playing back digital media files. All this will set you back a reasonable £249, but just how well does it actually perform?

Bucking the budget trend 

Budget TVs aren't exactly known for their good looks, but this model defies expectations. Measuring a mere 63mm deep, it's pretty slim for a set that includes an integrated DVD player. The front of the telly also looks quite stylish -- the titanium-grey finish helps it stand out among a sea of budget TV’s that are seemingly available in any colour as long as it's glossy black. We also like the indented lip at the bottom of the screen, as it adds a little extra design interest.

With a Freeview tuner, DVD player and USB recording on board, it's unlikely you're going to need to connect up all that many extra devices to this set, which is a good thing, as there isn't a huge range of connection options on offer. There's just a single HDMI port, but at least it has a Scart socket and composite input as well as a VGA port, in case you want to use it as a monitor with a PC. Linsar says the VGA port can also double as a component input, but no adaptor cable is supplied in the box, so we couldn't verify this. Also, there's no digital audio output, so you can't run audio from the DVD player or Freeview tuner to an external amp.

USB: The key feature 

The left-hand side of the TV is home to the USB port. This allows you to use the set to play MP3 music files, JPEG pictures and movies in MPEG or DivX formats from hard drives or memory keys. The media-file browser is a little basic, but the playback quality is good, especially on DivX files.

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