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LifeProof iPhone Armband/Swimband review: LifeProof iPhone Armband/Swimband

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The Good The LifeProof Armband/Swimband has an extremely comfortable fit and the case will keep your phone safe and dry.

The Bad The Armband is heavy, the case's headphone jack requires an adapter, and with the case the Armband costs a pricey $130.

The Bottom Line It's comfortable and built to last, but think carefully about the LifeProof Armband/Swimband's heft and prohibitively high cost.

7.5 Overall

These days even iPhone accessories come with accessories.

I know that concept may sound ridiculous, but that's exactly what the LifeProof Armband/Swimband is. Designed as a companion product to the LifeProof iPhone case, the armband lets you take your phone when you're out for a run, swimming laps in the pool, or sweating it out in the gym. The durable design will protect your phone from any torture, but the trade-off is a bulky and heavy design. What's more, the arm band will cost you $49.99 on top of the $79.99 that you're shelling out for the case.

Before I begin, I've just a few words about the LifeProof case. CNET's David Carnoy reviewed it last month, so I won't repeat everything he said here except that it provides maximum protection for your phone while remaining as slim as possible (so, the very opposite of the Tech21 Submariner). When your handset is inside you can throw it on the floor, in a snowbank, or even in the water without any damage.

Keeping with the rugged theme, the Armband also is built to last. The frame that secures your phone/case apparatus is plastic, but it has a thick, sturdy construction and the spring-loaded latch on top wasn't loose. Similarly, the Lycra ArmBand was both stiff and stretchy and the Velcro latch stayed secure on my arm. LifeProof says its product will fit biceps from 10 to 15.3 inches in circumference and you can adjust it within that range by sliding the band through the rings.

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