LAS VEGAS -- LG's new Twin Wash system lets you do two loads of washing at the same time. Announced at CES here, Twin Wash is a separate drawer that can be fit under any of LG's front-load washers, and can handle smaller, more delicate loads while the main machine works through an entirely different cycle.

When not in use, the mini washer serves as the pedestal for the main machine and will be compatible with LG's TurboWash, which sprays concentrated detergent directly onto clothes for supposedly faster cycle times.


To go along with its Twin Wash system, LG is showing off a number of new features on their washers and dryers. The EcoHybrid Dryer recycles heat for a large increase in energy efficiency. This complements its TurboSteam models that function similarly to TurboWash, spraying steam directly onto clothes for faster cycles. The steam supposedly also helps with wrinkles.

LG's new washers and dryers look to have speed and efficiency down. I'll be interested to see if two simultaneous loads can turn out as well as washing them separately though. Washing two loads at once also begs the question of what to do with the second load when it comes time to dry.

In addition to speed and efficiency, LG wants to stay at the cutting edge of connected tech with its washers and dryers as well. Wi-Fi compatibility allows each of LG's new washers and dryers to connect to its ThinQ app for cycle alerts and easy programming. You'll also be able to set specific cycles just by tapping your phone to the machine using near-field communication (NFC).

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