The LG S1 Express Dual sits at the high end of the new range of Intel Centrino Duo powered notebooks, and it features some decent specs to match its high price.

The LG S1 certainly looks the part, featuring a 15.4-inch Fine Bright LCD and an outer casing finished in a glossy piano black. The machine is aimed at those looking for a multimedia powerhouse, and features a dual layer DVD super multi recorder which can burn in all DVD formats, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1K series graphic chip (which incorporates up to 512MB of HyperMemory), and a removable remote control. As is becoming standard with most entertainment-focused laptops, the S1 features a quick boot-up mode which allows users to play DVDs or CDs without starting up Windows XP. The S1 can also read other forms of media thanks to its built-in 5-in-1 cart slot which can take XD, SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro cards.

Connectivity is another of the S1's strong points. The unit features 802.11a, b and g compatibility, and sports a dual hexa band antenna for WLAN support. The S1 is also one of the first notebooks to have the next generation of Bluetooth, BlueCore 4, built in. BlueCore 4 can deliver data speeds up to three times faster than current Bluetooth devices. Other connectivity options include three USB ports, one S-Video, RJ11, RJ45 and more.

Biometric security also makes an appearance on the S1 with the notebook's built-in fingerprint reader. The reader allows users to log into the system, applications and websites via a simple finger swipe.

At AU$3999, it's disappointing that the S1 only features the Intel Core Duo T2300 processor (1.66GHz). Other models in this price range have included faster processors, such as Dell's Inspiron 9400.

The LG S1 features impressive connectivity and multimedia features, but if you're looking for more grunt then there are more powerful Core Duo notebooks available for the price.