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LG PZ950 (50PZ950T) review: LG PZ950 (50PZ950T)

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The Good Excellent 2D and 3D picture quality; good media-streaming support; impressive online features; attractive design.

The Bad Weak sound; Wi-Fi isn't integrated into the set.

The Bottom Line The 50-inch LG 50PZ950T plasma TV looks great and produces excellent 2D and 3D images. Its Internet features are pretty smashing too. If only its audio quality were better.

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8.3 Overall

The 50PZ950T is the flagship TV in LG's current plasma range. Not only does it offer 3D support and a new filter to improve black levels, but it also features LG's Smart TV platform, which provides access to a range of Internet services, including BBC iPlayer. This 50-inch, 1080p set doesn't come cheap, though. It will set you back around £1,100.

Design and connectivity

The 50LZ950T is easy on the eye. The front of the TV seems to be made from a single sheet of glass that runs from edge to edge. At 49mm deep, it's relatively slim for such a large plasma model, and we reckon it'll look the business in any lounge.

The TV offers plenty of connectivity options. Alongside four HDMI ports, there are a set of component inputs, a single full-sized Scart socket, along with another half-sized one, and a VGA port for hooking up computer equipment.

For Internet connectivity and digital media playback, LG has included two USB ports, as well as an Ethernet socket. LG also bundles a USB Wi-Fi dongle, but it's a shame Wi-Fi isn't just built directly into the set.

Freeview HD tuner

As with most of the latest TVs on the market, this one has a Freeview HD tuner, giving you free access to high-definition services from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 via a standard terrestrial aerial.

Internet features

The telly uses LG's new Smart TV system, which features apps for a number of online services, including BBC iPlayer, the Acetrax movie-rental service, YouTube and Facebook, as well as many more. In fact, the line-up is among the best you'll find on any TV. There's even an app store with a range of additional games and other content that you can download.

LG 50PZ950T interface
LG's Smart TV platform offers a good selection of online content.

The TV's settings menu has now been integrated into the Smart TV home screen, so this is the place you need to go to access the comprehensive and well laid out picture and sound controls.

We love the fact that this TV includes comprehensive media-streaming capabilities. For example, it played back a range of Xvid, DivX and MKV movies in HD without any problems, both from our network-attached storage drive and locally from a USB-connected hard drive.

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