LG NP6630
LG NP6630 LG

LAS VEGAS--Portable speakers are one of the simplest ways to amplify your tunes, but there are a surprising number of different standards for a simple product type, among Bluetooth, DLNA, NFC, and AirPlay. There's one easy way around the problem: support them all.

LG is debuting six portable and docking speakers at CES 2013, offering a wide range of compatibility with different wireless audio standards. The high-end ND8630 dock supports nearly everything: AirPlay, DLNA, NFC, Blueooth, dual dock (for Lightning-equipped iOS devices and some Android devices), and a minijack input. The battery-powered NP6630 is nearly as well-equipped, except it lacks the dual feature.

The full breakdown of the features is below:

LG 2013 Bluetooth and docking speakers
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While the feature sets look nice, it's tough to judge any of these products without hearing them or pricing. LG has not announced a release date for any of these speakers.