LG LX160 (Sprint) review: LG LX160 (Sprint)

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The Good The LG LX160 is a decent basic phone with a small, compact form factor, an external color screen, Bluetooth, and a simple Web browser.

The Bad The LG LX160 has a rather lackluster display.

The Bottom Line Though the LG LX160 doesn't have a lot of features and its display isn't the best, it's a serviceable, low-end yet basic phone for those who don't want a lot of extra features.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

LG has made a name for itself in the handset business by being flexible--its lineup runs the gamut from high-end models, like the LG EnV, to the low-end, like the LG AX275. Its most recent Sprint handset, the LG LX160, is certainly one of the company's lowest-end offerings. Lacking a camera or a music player, the LX160 is suited for those who just want a basic phone without the frills. That said, the LX160 does come with Bluetooth, e-mail, voice command capabilities, and a stripped-down Web browser, so you do get a little more functionality than just a bare-bones phone. The best thing about the LX160, however, is that it's available for free--if you sign a two-year service agreement with Sprint.

As a basic phone, there's really not much to say about the LX160's design. It is, however, quite small and compact, measuring only 3.54-inches tall by 1.85-inches wide by 0.78-inch thick and weighing 2.86 ounces. Though not quite the thinnest flip phone we've seen (that honor would go to the Helio Fin), the LX160 does have a rather slim profile with smooth curves all around. We're glad to see an external screen on such a basic phone, especially one that supports 65,000 colors. The 1-inch diagonal display shows the usual information: date, time, battery and signal strength, and caller ID. The headset jack, volume rocker, and voice dial key sit on the left spine, while the right spine is home to the charger jack.

The LG LX160 has a small external display.

Flip open the phone and you'll find a simple, 1.75-inch diagonal internal display with about 65,000 colors as well. Though not the most vivid screen we've seen, we still managed to view the display when under bright sunlight. You can adjust the backlight time and font size, but not the brightness. The grid-like menu is very straightforward--there are hardly any animated icons, and menu options are indicated by plain text.

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