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LG LV550T (32LV550T) review: LG LV550T (32LV550T)

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The Good Great Internet features; sharp high-definition pictures; punchy colours; decent audio.

The Bad Motion handling could be better; lack of proper Scart sockets may be an issue for some.

The Bottom Line The 32-inch LG 32LV550T is a great LED TV, offering a cracking array of Internet features, good picture quality and a stylish design. We thoroughly approve.

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8.8 Overall

The 32LV550T is the first TV we've seen from LG's line-up for 2011. This 32-inch, 1080p LED-illuminated LCD telly offers a number of impressive features, including the ability to be controlled via an iPhone or Android handset, and full Internet access. As an LED set, it's priced towards the higher end of the 32-inch market. It will set you back around £600.

Beauty and the bezel 

The LV550T slots into LG's Infinia range. Whereas previous Infinia models had a single sheet of glass that seamlessly covered the bezel and screen, the LV550T's bezel protrudes beyond the screen by about 5mm. Nevertheless, the bezel is still expertly sculpted, with the glossy black finish tastefully segueing into a smoky, semi-transparent lip on the outer edge.

The TV has four HDMI ports on the rear. You'll need to use adaptor cables if you want to use the Scart sockets and component connections, though, which may prove awkward. 

The LV550T has a Freeview HD tuner. That means you can watch HD channels from the likes of the BBC and ITV straight out of the box.

Internet sensation

The TV also has an Ethernet port. LG has recently upgraded its Internet offering to include apps for the likes of BBC iPlayer and the Acetrax movie-on-demand service. Those apps sit alongside the YouTube and Accuweather apps seen on older LG TVs.

The Web browser can be controlled via your iPhone or Android handset.

There's also now an app store, from which you can download some extra services, as well as some simple games. The app store is sparsely populated at the moment, but, even discounting it, the LV550T still offers enough to keep you entertained.

LG has followed Philips' lead by adding a full-blown Web browser into the mix. It lets you view pretty much any site on the Web but, unfortunately, it doesn't support Flash, so you'll miss out on CNET UK's smashing video reviews.

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