LG LTNC11121V review: A decent little top-freezer fridge (emphasis on little)

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MSRP: $699.99

The Good LG's smallest full-size refrigerator looks more expensive than it really is, and it holds accurate temperatures in the body of the fridge. It also holds more groceries than we expected it would.

The Bad Some parts of the interior feel a bit flimsy. Also, the door shelves and the crisper bin ran warm in all of our tests.

The Bottom Line The compact-sized LTNC11121V is worth considering if you're looking for a second fridge, or if you're tight on space.

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7.3 Overall
  • Features 6
  • Design 8
  • Performance 7
  • Usability 8

We've tested a lot of refrigerators over the past few years at CNET Appliances, and fridge for fridge, the brand that's impressed us the most is LG. The Korean brand's refrigerators have consistently outperformed the competition in our cooling tests, and many of the higher-end models offer the kinds of designs and features that make upgrading exciting.

The LG LTNC11121V is not one of those higher-end models. In fact, at $700, it's the least expensive fridge that LG sells, and the smallest, too: just 24 inches wide, with a total capacity of just 11.1 cubic feet. It's about as compact as refrigerators come without venturing into mini-fridge territory, but with good performance and a decent design for the price, it might be good fit for a back room or a tight kitchen.

With the exception of those two 12-packs, I was able to squeeze all of our test groceries into the fridge.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Design and features

The LTNC11121V almost looks more like a locker than a refrigerator. At 24 inches wide, it's as skinny as full-size fridges come, so if you're trying to fill a tight space in your kitchen, there's a good chance it's up to the task.

Looks-wise, it's a good design for the price, with a stainless-steel finish and recessed handles. It doesn't scream luxury, but then again, neither do most other compact-sized refrigerators.

With 11.1 cubic feet of total storage space inside, 8.5 of which are allocated to the fridge, you've got less than half the space for fresh groceries than you'll get with LG's largest top freezer model (which, incidentally, happens to be our top top-freezer pick). That's not a lot of room to work with, so if you're thinking of using this thing to keep a family fed, think again.

Then again, the LTNC11121V did better than I expected it would when I started stuffing groceries into it. The door shelves were big enough to accommodate a pair of two-liters along with a few other large beverages, and the shelves were deep enough to hold two 1-gallon jugs of milk -- though not deep enough to fit either of the 12-packs of soda from our standardized load of test groceries. They were the only two things I couldn't fit inside.

As for features, you don't get much -- just the one crisper bin, along with a "Pull-Out Tray" that sits a few inches below the top shelf and slides out for easy access. Up in the freezer, you'll find a manual ice maker with a pair of smallish ice cube trays that you can twist to dump the cubes into a bin. It's an interesting approach, though it feels a bit flimsy. Also, you can't take those trays out to fill them at the sink. Instead, you have to bring the water to the freezer, and I had a hard time pouring it in without spilling.