LG throws open its door-in-door fridge lineup

LG's high-end "Door-in-Door" refrigerator line has just expanded to include three new models.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
2 min read

LG must have had a lot of success with its current door-in-door refrigerator models, because the company just introduced three more to the lineup. If you don't already know, LG offers the door-in-door design on select French door models, and it's basically a special storage space contained within the right refrigerator door. This compartment is magnetically sealed and allows you to access that area with the push of a button without having to open the whole fridge. This easy-access design is ideal for your very favorite fridge items. And the good news is that all three of these new models will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.



Total capacity: 32 cubic feet

Refrigerator capacity: 21.5 cubic feet

Freezer capacity: 10.5 cubic feet

Door type: French 3-door

Dimensions (WxHxD): 35.75x70.25x37.125 inches

That $3,699.99 may seem like a hefty price for a fridge, but a 32-cubic-foot capacity is kind of unheard of in the French door world. Need to feed a (very) large family? LG's LFX32945ST might be your solution.



Price: $3,699.99

Total capacity: 30.3 cubic feet

Refrigerator capacity: 20.5 cubic feet

Freezer capacity: 9.8 cubic feet

Door Type: French 4-door

Dimensions (WxHxD): 35.75x70.25x36.25 inches

Here's another $3,699.99 model with a slightly smaller internal capacity of 30.3 cubic feet. This model stands out because it offers four doors rather than three. That's two different freezer drawers for optimal organizing.




Total capacity:29.2 cubic feet

Refrigerator capacity: 19.4 cubic feet

Freezer capacity: 9.6 cubic feet

Door type: French 3-door

Dimensions (WxHxD): 35.75x70.25x35.25 inches

This $3,199.99 model may be a little shorter on storage space at 29.2 cubic feet. But what it doesn't have in capacity, it makes up for in ice makers. Yep, it comes with dual ice makers. So if you regularly entertain a whole bunch of people, you probably won't run out of ice with the LFX29945ST.

In addition to their specific offerings, each model shares the following features:

Smart Cooling Plus System with Linear Compressor: This system works to keep your food fresher for longer. That way, food waste is cut down to a minimum. Unlike other fridge designs, these LG models have vents throughout so that cold air reaches everything stored within.

Smart Diagnosis: Smart Diagnosis is a tool that makes troubleshooting more efficient. Using Wi-Fi, NFC tagging, and alert sounds, the LG service center can try to figure out the problem over the phone. That definitely beats lengthy service calls and expensive maintenance visits.

Stylish design: LG's new Door-in-Door models merge modern design and utility. You can find thoughtful design in the contoured doors, the hidden hinges, and the interior side and ceiling LEDs.