LG LDF7774ST review: Solid LG dishwasher gets lost in the shadow of its better cousin

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The Good For a $900 dishwasher, the LG LDT9965BD has an impressive feature list, including a third rack, hidden touch controls and a dual wash cycle letting you put pots and pans on the lower rack with fine china on top. It backs up those features with competent performance.

The Bad If you don't rinse your dishes, the performance won't wow you and water marks make this dishwasher particularly bad at drying. The upper rack is a pain to use, the controls are counterintuitive, and there's no express cycle.

The Bottom Line The LG LDT9965BD isn't a bad dishwasher, but if it was a little bit better cleaner, it could have been a great one. As it stands, it's a fine $900 dishwasher with a well-rounded set of features.

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7.1 Overall
  • Performance 7
  • Features 8
  • Usability 6
  • Design 7

With six cycle options, room for 15 place settings, and a whisper-quiet sound rating of 44 dB, the LG LDF7774ST has a lot going for it, especially for a $900 machine. To an extent, the fact that it's cut from the same cloth as the $1,200 LG LDT9965BD speaks well for it. It has a lot of the same features for $300 less.

Except, I was often annoyed by the rack design and counterintuitive controls on the LDT9965BD, and those haven't changed either. The LDT9965BD made up for the little things that bothered me with outstanding cleaning ability and an awesome black stainless finish. The difference between the two -- the $900 model looks more typical with an ordinary stainless-steel exterior and it doesn't use steam to help it clean. As it turns out, that steam cleaning capability makes a big difference, as the LDF7774ST doesn't clean as well as its more expensive cousin.

In its defense, the LG LDF7774ST still did fine on our cleaning tests, averaging a score of 69.6 percent -- only a few points below the $1,200 GE PDT750SSFSS which earned a 74.6 percent. The LG LDF7774ST is a good dishwasher with an attractive mix of features for the price and competent cleaning to boot -- especially if you rinse your dishes. If you need a well-rounded dishwasher today for under $1,000, it's worth your consideration. But if you can wait, I'd watch for a sale on the $1,200 LG LDT9965BD.

Looking toward the middle

Viewed outside the shadow of its better cousin, the LG LDF7774ST looks pretty good. Yes, the stainless steel exterior would blend in with any number of other large appliances we've tested, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The LDF7774ST has a premium look that's in style, even if it's not as striking as the black stainless on the $1,200 LG.

As usual, you can find the LG LDF7774ST for a steep discount off of the $900 listed price, and its features look even more attractive for $650. That's its current price on Best Buy's site. You can also buy the dishwasher at Sears, Home Depot and other large appliance retailers or head to LG's site to find a location in your area. To be fair, the more expensive $1,200 LG LDT9965BD can also be found at a discount at the same retailers. The listed price is currently $900. Neither model is available overseas.

Controlling the clean

You'll find the hidden touch controls of the LG LDF7774ST on the upper lip. Start by pressing the power button and you'll hear a chime as the display comes to life. You can switch between the six different cycles with a gentle press. The borders of the button you press stay lit to show your selection and the LED on the right blinks with the estimated time your cycle will take to complete.


The LDF7774ST has six cycle options.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Select the options you want on the right, such as extra time to dry or rinse the dishes, and the blinking time will update its estimate accordingly. I would have liked an "express" option. "Quick & Dry" is the closest offering, but still takes over an hour to complete. Otherwise, the cycle choices are pretty standard fare -- Heavy, Normal, Auto and Delicate all do what you'd expect.

The LG LDF7774ST does get a few points for creativity for the "Dual Control" cycle that lets you customize the water pressure going to the top and bottom rack separately. It defaults to a heavy spray aimed at the bottom with a gentle one up top, but you can change that as you'd like. Well, you can change that if you keep the instruction manual handy.

As with the similar $1,200, using the basic functions of the LG LDF7774ST is pretty self-explanatory. Press Power, select your cycle, close the door, and the blinking display will turn solid and start counting down as the dishwasher whirs softly into action. The blue light on the front that's solid while you make your choices starts blinking to let you know the dishwasher's running.

I still missed a start button, as I did with the other LG, but I adapted to its absence pretty quickly. What I couldn't get used to was figuring out how to do anything more advanced with this dishwasher. For example, to adjust how Dual Control functions, you need to select the cycle, then press the Spray button to toggle between soft, medium, and strong flow for the upper rack. Then, hit the Half Load button to switch to the lower rack. Then, hit Spray again to toggle to your selection for that rack.

Again, I like the feature, and if you use it often, you could probably remember that order of operations, but I know it's something I'll forget within minutes of typing that last paragraph. Using any of the other options in detail similarly requires you decipher the symbols and memorize a cryptic pattern of button presses.

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