LG KS360 (WebSlider) review: LG KS360 (WebSlider)

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The Good Cute design. Great QWERTY keyboard. Touchscreen numeric input. MySpace and Facebook.

The Bad No 3G. No 3.5mm headphone socket. Complex email set-up. Camera has neither a flash or auto-focus.

The Bottom Line There are a few components missing from the WebSlider, but overall we think this is the perfect phone for teens that love to message. No other phone offers a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard for this price.

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8.2 Overall

Whether you're a lolly goth, a mod, a prep, a nerd, a princess, a jock, an emo or a geek, we're guessing the WebSlider will appeal to anyone aged between 12 and 16. The mix of glossy black plastics and glitzy metallic finishes (either red, pink, silver or blue) gives the WebSlider the appearance of a phone that's twice as expensive — though this isn't saying much considering its super cheap price tag.

On the front of the phone is a 2.4-inch colour display featuring numeric touchscreen input. What this means is that the touchscreen element is only active for entering phone numbers, and only after you press the "number pad" button next to the green calling key. The rest of the menus are navigated using the standard five-way nav keys.

Similar to the Hiptop Slide, the WebSlider slides open horizontally revealing a full three-row QWERTY keypad. Also similar to the Hiptop is the tiny size of each key. Perhaps it's that practice makes perfect, but we've found it far easier to type on the WebSlider than on the Hiptop, and those with smaller fingers will no doubt find it easier still.

Around the handset we find a microSD card slot and combo charging/headphones port on the right side and a volume rocker and camera key on the left. The location of the camera key is the opposite of what we'd expect to see, and means you hold the camera upside-down to take pics, but this hasn't taken us very long to get used to.

For AU$199 don't expect everything and the kitchen sink, in fact, keep your expectations reasonably modest. The WebSlider is a catchy name, but the MessageSlider would more accurately describe this phone. Its 2G GPRS data speeds means you'll probably only use this phone to look at tiny mobile web pages and email messages.

On the back of the WebSlider we find a 2-megapixel camera with a self-portrait mirror, though no auto-focus or a flash. The WebSlider also plays MP3 music files and MP4 video files, though if you're planning on taking pics or listening to music on this phone we suggest you pick up a microSD memory card to supplement the WebSlider's measly 15MB of memory.

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