LG KF600 review: LG KF600

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The Good Keith Haring themes. Contextual menu. Sliding mechanism feels smooth.

The Bad Touchscreen is awkward to use. Cumbersome Web browsing. No 3G network support.

The Bottom Line It seems like everyone is trying to figure out innovative ways to implement touchscreens, and while the LG KF600 is definitely an interesting concept, we don't think it works as smoothly as it could. We're definitely interested in seeing where LG takes this concept but we don't think they've got it right just yet.

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6.8 Overall

LG's design team has taken the cookie-cutter it created after conceiving the KF700 and used it as the template for the KF600, with both handsets sharing almost identical dimensions — the KF600 is ever-so-slightly smaller in its width, length and thickness.

The KF600 is a slider phone handset that incorporates one of 2008's favourite phone trends, the adaptive touch panel. While the KF700 features a full touch-sensitive display, the KF600 only dedicates one-third of the screen space to navigation buttons, similar to the LG Secret, and Samsung's U900.

The touch panel is a cool idea, but it did take us a few days to get used to, and even now we often avoid using the directional navigation by deferring to keypad shortcuts for menu options — it's faster and much more accurate. The dual-screen does give the KF600 a sprinkling of glitzy wow-factor which certainly doesn't hurt a phone in the sub AU$300 category.

Aside from the nifty touch panel, the KF600 has a few extra nice features, though for AU$299 don't expect the world. On the back of the KF600 you'll find a 3.2-megapixel camera with an LED photolight. The associated camera software is stuffed full of settings including image presets, a "portrait enhancement" setting, and digital image stabilisation.

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