LG GS101 review: LG GS101

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The Good Clean, tasteful design; Bright TFT screen; Lightweight and thin.

The Bad No 3.5mm jack or music playback; Limited connectivity; No Bluetooth for file transfer.

The Bottom Line Mobiles don't really come any more basic than this -- the GS101 lacks a camera, Bluetooth, 3G or music playback capabilities. In its favour it has a decent design and a bright and colourful screen, as well as impressive battery life. It's one for mobile novices, though.

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4.5 Overall

The LG GS101 is one of the most basic budget phones we've seen in the past few months, and lacks many features we take for granted on modern mobiles. For an incredibly modest price, however, it's well built, has a surprisingly bright screen and a straightforward interface that will be perfect for inexperienced users.

The LG GS101 is available on pay as you go for around £10.

First impressions impress

For a device which sells for around the same price as your average DVD movie, the LG GS101 manages to make a surprisingly pleasant first impact. It's light, and its compact candybar shape means it's not going to create an unsightly bulge in your trouser pocket. The build quality is reassuringly decent.

With only the charging socket to break up its surprisingly elegant lines, the GS101 has a robust structure that betrays no signs of creaking or movement when you grip it tightly.

The horrid rubber key mat makes the GS101 feel as cheap as it costs.

The white version of the device looks even better. The glossy front and matte back make a very agreeable combination, although the grey one-piece key mat erodes this impression slightly. The rubber keys feel cheap under your fingertips and makes the phone resemble a child's toy. It does ensure that dust can't penetrate the internals of the phone, though.

Small but mighty

The GS101's 1.5-inch display is hampered by its postage-stamp proportions, but thanks to the use of TFT LCD technology, it manages to outshine the screens found on rival devices, such as the Samsung E1360 and even its stablemate the LG A140 (although it's worth noting that the GS101 is manufactured by LG itself, while the A140 is licensed from super-cheap phone firm ZTE). Colours are bright and bold, and there's no ghosting or blurring during movement.

As you move away from the agreeable design and the above-average screen, the positives become a little harder to find. The GS101 lacks 3G connectivity and has no Web browser to speak of. Wireless file transfers are impossible due to the absence of Bluetooth, and there's no camera, so don't expect to take candid snaps with this budget blower.

Hands-free connectivity is supplied via the microUSB charging port, but there are no headphones included in the box. Because a 3.5mm audio jack isn't present, you'll have to purchase a specialised pair of headphones in order to make the GS101 safe to use while driving.

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