You can use all 10 fingers on this touch screen to maximize your Windows 8 experience or fingerprint smudges. LG

LAS VEGAS--LG showed off a trio of monitors at CES 2013, and one of the more impressive models is the Windows 8 optimized 23-inch ET83 Touch 10 monitor. The monitor is optimized to run Windows 8 with its touch capabilities and 1,920x1,080-pixel IPS display.

The monitor has 10-point touch capability and allows the user to use all 10 fingers on the touch screen simultaneously, providing an easier and faster experience when interacting with the Windows 8 onscreen keyboard.

The other LG monitors announced at CES 2013 were the 27-inchEA83 ColorPrime, which is geared toward graphic designers and other professionals seeking color accuracy, and the 21:9-aspect-ratio-boasting 29-inch EA93 UltraWide.

LG has not announced pricing and availability.