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LG Cinema 3D D2342P review: LG Cinema 3D D2342P

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The Good Flicker-free 3D; Comfortable, inexpensive glasses; Decent general purpose and gaming PC monitor.

The Bad Narrow 3D sweet spot; Limited black level; Low motion resolution.

The Bottom Line LG brings its low-cost Cinema 3D technology and disposable 3D glasses to the world of PC monitors with the 23-inch D2342P. The result is a sharp, all-purpose display that offers comfortable stereoscopic gaming and movie watching -- so long as you keep your head very, very still.

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8.3 Overall

Not content with rewriting the TV rulebook with its Cinema 3D TVs, LG is now deploying its low-cost passive 3D screen tech in the PC monitor field. The 23-inch LG Cinema 3D D2342P is available now for around £230.

First-generation 3D PC monitors built around Nvidia's 3D Vision system use the same active shutter gubbins found in the majority of flatscreen TVs. This means bulky and expensive shuttering glasses are required to create a 3D effect.

Cinema 3D is rather different. Any old 3D specs looted from your local multiplex will do the job. LG includes one pair of glasses in the box, along with polarising clip-ons for spectacle wearers.

LG D2342P Cinema 3D glasses
These 3D glasses and clip-ons come in the box, but any old cinema pair will work just fine.

Design and build

The display is a 23-inch LED-backlit LCD. It sits, rather precariously, on a small pedestal stand with a 15-degree recline. Design-wise it's generic but smart. The monitor has a lightweight, plasticky construction, albeit with a pleasingly thin bezel.

The only embellishment is a bright blue illuminated power button at the bottom right. It sits next to a fistful of small buttons that access the main menu 3D and Eco display settings. The on-screen display itself is equally discreet. Rather than appearing in the centre of the screen it's apologetically small and lives in a corner.

To stress its green credentials, the screen has a dynamic Super Energy Savings mode, which is all very creditable. Be warned though, that image brightness dims quite significantly when this is engaged.

LG D2342P Cinema 3D monitor rear
Here's the back! It's not terribly exciting. You're better off looking at the front.

Image quality

2D image quality is something of a mixed bag. Its black levels are not particularly deep, through a variety of test footage confirms a high level of detail, with low levels of noise. Tweaking enthusiasts will enjoy the extensive range of picture parameter controls on offer, from colour temperature presets to user-driven RGB levels, contrast and black level. In the menus there's a High/Low black level toggle -- the latter compresses the greyscale (so there's fewer levels of gradation between black and white) but gives a punchier picture.

We found the optimum picture clarity was at 1,680x1,050 pixels at 60Hz. Text clarity is significantly better via the PC D-Sub port at this resolution than HDMI at 1,920x1,080 pixels. For general PC duties, Web browsing and office work, this is the way to go. 2D gaming looks crisp and fluid.

The panel has a pixel pitch -- the distance between pixels of the same colour -- of 0.265mm x 0.265mm. LG quotes a 5ms response time.

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