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LG Aloha - LX140 (Virgin Mobile) review: LG Aloha - LX140 (Virgin Mobile)

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The Good The Virgin Mobile Aloha is a simple, user-friendly phone with voice dialing.

The Bad The Virgin Mobile Aloha's design feels somewhat cheap, and the phone's call quality wasn't reliable. Also, it lacks an external display and external volume buttons.

The Bottom Line The Virgin Mobile Aloha is a functional, basic phone, but there are better such handsets in Virgin Mobile's lineup.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 5
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

In a world of complicated cell phones you always can count on Virgin Mobile to introduce a basic cell phone for making calls. We've seen it a few times before with handsets such as the Kyocera Marbl and the Kyocera Oystr, but this time around Virgin Mobile offers a new twist on the concept. LG makes its first appearance in the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) lineup with its Aloha LX140. The result is a user-friendly phone with voice dialing, but the ordinary design and varying call quality were somewhat distracting. We suggest you try the Marbl instead. The Aloha is just $34.99 with Virgin's prepaid service.

We're not sure about the Aloha moniker, as there's little about it to suggest the 50th state or even a welcoming spirit for that matter. The handset's design is so minimalist that it might even cause the late Mies van der Roe to wince. Clad in white and gray with clean lines and rounded edges, the Aloha is so devoid of outside features that even an external display and a volume rocker are absent. Normally, we're not fond of flip phones that have no external displays. While we realize that its lack of a screen helps account for the Aloha's low price, we still miss being able to check a caller's identity without opening the handset. That leaves just a headset jack on the left spine, a charger port on the Aloha's bottom end, and a small red light that shows through the front flap. It blinks to let you know the Aloha is on, but you can turn the light off if you prefer.

Virgin Mobile Aloha
The Aloha is a normal size for a flip phone.

At 3.5x1.9x0.9 inches, the Aloha is average size for a flip phone, but at 2.7 ounces, it's quite light. It rested comfortably in the hand, but the hinge mechanism was a tad loose. Also, the plastic shell felt cheap.

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