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LG 55LM660T review: LG 55LM660T

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The Good Bright and vivid pictures; Convincingly natural colours; Deep black levels; Good sound quality for such a slim screen; Top-notch online features.

The Bad Struggles with shadow detail on some very dark scenes; standard-definition images could be better.

The Bottom Line Despite a few minor flaws, the LG 55LM660T is a very impressive TV. Its no-bezel design looks gorgeous, 2D and 3D images are cracking and there's a wealth of features and smart TV apps. If you're in the market for a 55-inch LED TV, then this should be high on your list.

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8.8 Overall

Boasting a good line-up of smart apps, 3D support, LED edge dimming and a stunning design, the 55LM660T ticks all the boxes of what you should be looking for in a high-end LED set.

So just how well does this 55-inch model, which can be bought online for around £1,600, stack up against its rivals?

User interface and EPG

The user interface on the 55LM660T is one of the slickest you'll find on any TV. It looks fantastic and LG has gone to great lengths to make the various icons and menus look as colourful and inviting as possible.

The interface is built around the Home Dashboard, which can be called up by hitting the dedicated Home button on the remote. This is split into two sections. Across the bottom of the screen is a banner of icons to give you quick access to various features, such as the settings screen, electronic programme guide (EPG) and media streaming, as well as shortcuts for commonly used smart apps.

LG 55LM660T apps
The best apps have a menu all to themselves on the LG 55LM660T.

The top of the screen shows four panels. The first is used for accessing the 'Premium' smart apps, such as BBC iPlayer. The second has links to videos on LG's own 3D video on-demand service. The third gives you access to LG's SmartWorld app store. And finally, the fourth screen shows videos that are being shared to the TV from network devices such as PC DLNA servers.

For all its graphical finesse, I do feel the interface would have been easier to use if LG had made it more consistent. There are just too many instances where you can access features in multiple ways -- something that makes the interface confusing for first-time users. For example, you can stream videos to the TV using the panel at the top of the Home Dashboard; or by selecting your DLNA server from the input list; or by choosing the videos or SmartShare from the banners on the Home Dashboard; or via the MediaLink app.

This is not an isolated example. But once you've spent some time using it, the menu system becomes clearer.

Another slight issue is that while the EPG is neatly laid out and fast to use, it doesn't overlay on top of the TV feed and there's no thumbnail window. When you call it up, you lose all video and audio from the programme you're watching.

Digital media and Internet features

On many of its higher-end models in 2011, LG forced you to use the Plex Media Streaming Server software on your PC if you wanted to stream your own content to the TV. While the 55LM660T has a Plex client called MediaLink, which will display poster art and summaries of movies, it also works with standard DLNA servers.

LG also seems to have improved format support. I had no problems getting it to play a number of HD and standard-definition MKV, DivX and Xvid files from the Twonky DLNA server built into my Iomega NAS drive.

LG 55LM660T Plex
You can use the Plex software to stream films from a PC, while DLNA servers are also supported.

Of course, many people will be more interested in the range of smart apps on board. The 55LM660T has a lot to offer in this area. LG has split apps into two groups. 'Premium' apps are now found in their own menu on the Home Dashboard, while other apps are located in the LG SmartWorld app store.

The range of premium apps is quite good, with iPlayer, Netflix, Acetracks, Facebook and Twitter all supported. LG says that Lovefilm should be available soon, although there's no date for this yet, so it's best to check whether the TV supports it before you buy if you're a Lovefilm subscriber. There's a lot of rubbish in LG SmartWorld but there are a few neat apps that are worth a download. Overall, the line-up of available apps is among the best on any TV at present.

Design and connections

If you haven't seen one of LG's TVs with its new Cinema Screen design, then you're likely to find the 55LM660T quite a sight to behold. It really is amazing what LG has achieved with the bezel, which has almost been eliminated entirely. When the TV is off, it looks as if it doesn't actually have a bezel -- only a thin metallic strip running around the outer edge of the display.

LG 55LM660T edge
The 'no-bezel' display is beautifully thin and is edged with a metallic strip.

When you fire up the TV you'll see that there's actually a 1cm gap between the edge of the screen and the metal trim. It's a stunning design. Add in a gorgeous stand that makes the TV look like it's floating and you've got a set that's one of the most beautiful on the market.

On the smaller 42-inch model, I found that the HDMI ports were mounted a little too close to the edge, but on this larger unit, they're inset a good deal deeper.

LG 55LM660T ports
The HDMI ports are side-mounted and far enough away from the edge that leads don't overhang the side of the TV.

As with most of the 55-inch models I see these days, this one has four HDMI sockets and there are three USB ports for connecting up memory keys and hard drives. On the downward-facing panel on the rear, you'll find an Ethernet socket. As the TV has Wi-Fi built in, you probably won't need to use it unless you suffer from poor wireless reception in your home.

The rear panel also houses a VGA input and an optical digital audio output, as well as mini jack plugs for the component and composite break-out cables.

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