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LAS VEGAS -- LG's top 1080p LCD televisions for the coming year are the LB7100 and LB7200 series, which feature all of the company's best LCD technologies. These include local dimming, private listening via your phone, and an upgraded Magic Remote.

In terms of design, LG has decided to go with a simpler stand and a metallic bezel, and the cabinets look to be as slim as ever.

The Triple XD Engine includes TruBlack Control and a TruColor Generator. TruBlack is the company's local dimming technology, which includes a High Dynamic Range process for reduced blooming and increased contrast. Based on LG's initial explanation it appears that it could be used to boost the picture unnaturally, so we'll report on this feature when we've seen it in person.

The company has expanded the number of sound connectivity options to include Bluetooth (to a sound bar), Private Sound Mode, and Wireless Sound Sync.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The TV will feature the company's new WebOS smart-TV platform promising true multitasking (which should translate to instantaneous switching between streaming apps).

LG's new high-end TVs also feature an upgraded Motion Remote with an Input button.