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Lexmark Interact S605 review: Lexmark Interact S605

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MSRP: $249.99

The Good Great touchscreen interface; fast print speeds; good text quality; impressive photo printing.

The Bad Graphics print quality could be better.

The Bottom Line The Lexmark Interact S605 is very user-friendly, boasts fast print speeds, and produces great results with text and photos. Its graphics print quality won't blow your mind, but, overall, this is an impressive inkjet printer.

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8.3 Overall

The Interact S605 is Lexmark's top-of-the-range wireless all-in-one inkjet printer. It separates itself from the rest of the models in the range by including a large touchscreen display. The printer can be picked up for around £180 online.


Setting the S605 up is very straightforward, as long as you pay heed to the warnings to put the installation CD in your computer before you do anything else. The CD runs an installation wizard, complete with video, to guide you through the entire process, from taking the protective tapes off the printer, to installing cartridges and printing the align page. The steps are also shown on the printer's touchscreen, so you can't really go far wrong.

The printer uses Lexmark's Vizix printing system, incorporating four separate cartridges: a large black one, plus three half-sized cartridges for yellow, blue and magenta. The cartridges are easy to install, but, initially, it can be tricky to tell whether they've connected properly.

We found that setting up Wi-Fi was a breeze. Unlike many rival models, you don't have to first connect the printer up to a computer via USB. Instead, you can do it right from the touch panel. You simply select your network from the list and then enter the password using the on-screen keyboard.

The S605's touchscreen interface is the best we've seen on a printer so far. It presents you with three main icons -- 'copy', 'scan' and 'SmartSolutions'. SmartSolutions are basically widgets that you can download from Lexmark's site to enable you to perform common print, scan and copy tasks. It's a neat idea and useful in practice.

The S605 has perhaps the best touchscreen interface we've seen on a printer.

There are some other interesting widgets available too, including an RSS reader and Google Calendar viewer. These are fun to play around with for a while, but is anybody all that bothered about viewing RSS feeds on a printer screen? Probably not.

Smaller icons at the bottom of the interface let you check the ink cartridge levels, enable double-sided printing and customise the eco mode. Next to the screen, there's a Wi-Fi logo that lights up green when the printer's connected to your network, and turns red when there's a problem.

The printer has a single memory-card slot, but this can read SD, Memory Stick and xD-Picture cards. There's also a USB port that can be used to print pictures from hard drives and PictBridge-compatible USB devices.

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