Lensbaby Trio 28 review: Three lenses in one for three times the fun

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The Good The Trio 28 is an efficient way to carry three Lensbaby lenses, and they're fun to use.

The Bad The exposure changes from lens to lens, which can get annoying.

The Bottom Line For the price of a single Lensbaby, the Trio 28 is a nice, compact solution for adding three lenses to a mirrorless camera.

Lensbaby expands its arsenal of special-effects lenses with one that's almost as odd as the effects it produces. The Trio 28 consists of a single mount with three 28mm lenses that you rotate into place: a Sweet, a Velvet and a Twist.

Like their full-size counterparts, the Trio 28's Twist lens surrounds the central area with swirly bokeh; the Velvet looks soft and glowy; and Sweet renders increasing blur from the center out. On Micro Four Thirds cameras, the Trio 28 lenses have about the equivalent angle of view of a 56mm lens, while APS-C Sony E mount and Fujifilm X mount versions deliver 42mm.

Like all Lensbabys, they're manual-focus only, and in this case they also have a fixed f3.5 aperture. It only adds about 4.1 ounces/116 g to the weight of the camera, so it won't weigh you down at all. There's a 46mm thread across the front for filters, and you might want to spring for a neutral density filter for shooting in bright light.

The lens is slated to ship in the US on October 26 for $280, essentially three lenses for the price of one. I don't have other pricing or availability yet, but that directly converts to about £216 and AU$365.

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