LAS VEGAS--Taking a page from the Alienware design book, Lenovo has a new high-end gaming desktop on the way this March. The Erazer X700 doesn't look like it will compete with the likes of Maingear, Origin, and other boutique PC vendors in terms of design, but it might offer mainstream PC gamers an affordable way to get their hands on some decent 3D horsepower.

The specs for the Erazer X700 will sound familiar to any PC performance enthusiast. Overclockable Core i5K and Core i7K CPUs, support for Nvidia graphics cards up to two GeForce GTX 680s. Lenovo has also included a pair of externally accessible hard drive bays, as well as software that will allow you to overclock the chips in Windows, rather than making changes in the BIOS.

Whether you like the angular, blue LED-ridden chassis will be a matter of personal taste, of course. Many boutique PC vendors are moving away from the lighting explosion in favor of more mature-looking designs like the Maingear Potenza. Still, there's nothing like a menacing look to communicate "gaming desktop" on the shelf at Best Buy, and for the customer shopping there, the Erazer X700 will certainly stand out.

Lenovo says the starting price for this system will come in at $1,199 when it debuts this March. You can configure higher-end options via Lenovo's Web site, and you can naturally expect a Core i7, dual-GeForce 680 GTX set-up to run the price up to the $2,000 ballpark at least.