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LapVantage Dome PowerBook laptop stand review: LapVantage Dome PowerBook laptop stand

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The Good Sturdy; attractive.

The Bad Expensive; not portable.

The Bottom Line The LapVantage Dome is by far the sturdiest laptop stand we've seen, but at $80, it's too expensive for its limited features and lack of portability.

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6.5 Overall

LapVantage Dome PowerBook laptop stand

The elegant LapVantage Dome PowerBook laptop stand has an Apple-esque appearance. At 3.7 pounds, it's not as portable as other stands we've looked at, but it's by far the sturdiest. With a price tag of nearly $80, it's also pretty expensive, in light of its limited features and portability. Despite its name, the PowerBook laptop stand works with any laptop--not only Apple systems. The stand requires no setup, and adjusting its height takes only the turn of a knob. If you choose, you can attach the included "bump-ons," dime-size plastic domes that stick to the surface of the stand, to slightly elevate your laptop for improved air circulation and cooling. The LapVantage Dome holds up to 75 pounds--enough to support any laptop we could find (or a small child). The stand doesn't tilt, but you can raise and lower it so that the base is anywhere from 4.75 to 6.5 inches above the desk's surface. Additionally, the base rotates 360 degrees and fits laptops up to 15 inches wide.

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