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Kyocera KX1v (Verizon Wireless)

Kyocera KX1v (Verizon Wireless)

Quick Take: The Kyocera KX1v for Verizon Wireless is similar to the Kyocera K4130 SoHo for U.S. Cellular. Like the SoHo, the KX1v offers analog roaming, a compact design, voice commands, and a speakerphone. The eye-catching design (inspired by BMW DesignworksUSA) is present as well, but the KX1v has some variations. The rectangular, two-line external screen runs vertically on the front flap instead of horizontally, and the mobile is gray and silver rather than all gray. Unfortunately, the Verizon phone has the same cramped keypad and small 200-contact phone book found on the U.S. Cellular mobile. The handset is extremely affordable, however, at $89 with a one-year contract or $39 with a two-year contract.

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