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The Kyocera Contact lets you reach out with your typing fingers to friends. Kyocera

If you were thinking, "Hey, there sure aren't enough prepaid texting phones out there," then Kyocera and Virgin Mobile have you covered.

The black Kyocera Contact slides in at $50, bringing you a spacious QWERTY keyboard with responsive physical keys, a navigation array you can easily operate with your eyes closed if you wanted to, and a surprisingly sound 2-megapixel camera.

How do I know all this? Because this is essentially the VIrgin Mobile version of the black and pink Kyocera Verve for Sprint (fully reviewed) and the blue Verve for Boost Mobile.

Although the feature phone does have a few minor design drawbacks, those on the hunt for a simple handset with a finger-friendly physical keyboard will find what they're looking for in the low-cost Contact.