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Kolibree Bluetooth toothbrush helps improve your brushing technique through the power of its app

An early contender for 'maddest product of CES,' the Kolibree marries Bluetooth and apps to the world of the electric toothbrush.

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LAS VEGAS -- How do you improve the humble electric toothbrush? By adding Bluetooth and an app of course! The Kolibree toothbrush has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer inside, which it uses to record how long you brush your teeth for, and how you brush them.

It can show you live information on how you're doing so you can adjust your brushing technique, or simply brush for longer. Or it can sync that information with a phone app to give you a running total of how well you've brushed.

You end up looking at a screen that gives you a score out of five that's based on how long and well you've cleaned your teeth.

This cheeky chappie is 90 percent of the way to brushing nirvana. Jason Jenkins/CNET

It sounds silly and gimmicky, and of course it mostly is, but there is one way I could see this being useful: for kids. You have the ability to set up different family members in one app and track them separately, with the app generating a graph showing how well you brush compared with everyone else.

You can generate a graph to pit your brushing habits against the rest of your family. Jason Jenkins/CNET

It's coming from a French company with the same name as the product, and will start at $99 in the third quarter of this year.

The Bluetooth toothbrush from Kolibree Jason Jenkins/ CNET

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