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Kodak EasyShare CX7330 review: Kodak EasyShare CX7330

A basic snapshot camera that focuses on ease of shooting and sharing photos.

Theano Nikitas
2 min read
Kodak EasyShare CX7330
With its uncomplicated feature set and its foolproof photo-sharing system, Kodak's 3.3-megapixel EasyShare CX7330 breaks down most of the barriers faced by digital newcomers. Kodak has ensured that the journey from taking the camera out of the box to snapping a first picture is painless. And the CX7330 is priced very competitively, to boot. You'll just have to add the cost of an SD card. A set of rechargeable AA nickel-metal-hydride batteries is also highly recommended.

Loaded with batteries and media card, the CX7330 weighs in at about 8.2 ounces, and even though itÂ’s a bit too bulky to be pocketable, itÂ’s quite easy to carry around all day. A built-in cover protects the retractable 3X zoom lens, while a grooved front grip and a rear indent ensure that your handhold remains firm, in place, and out of the way of the cameraÂ’s flash.


Kodak EasyShare CX7330

The Good

Affordable; extremely easy to use; quick continuous-shooting mode; minimal shutter lag.

The Bad

Tendency to overexpose highlights; small LCD; homely design.

The Bottom Line

This affordable and easy-to-use digital camera will make picture-taking and picture-sharing simple, even for entry-level users.

Operating the CX7330 is easy, and youÂ’ll be aided by text notations describing the function of each of the shooting modes, which include Auto, Sport, Night, Landscape, Macro, and Video. Move to the clearly labeled control buttons on the back of the camera and youÂ’ll find direct access to the self-timer and burst mode, as well as to flash settings, image review and delete, and a tool for tagging photos to share via KodakÂ’s EasyShare system. Southpaws will appreciate the four-way controllerÂ’s position to the left of the small 1.6-inch LCD. Navigating the menu system is quick and easy.

Naturally, the EasyShare CX7330 excels at helping you share photos. Before you download them to a computer, you can tag your shots as favorites, mark them for automatic e-mailing, or designate albums to route them into. Then, with or without an optional docking station, a single button-press sends them on their way. ItÂ’s just as easy to transfer video clips as well.

Although it takes almost 5 seconds to grab the first shot after powering up, the CX7330Â’s shot-to-shot time is respectable for its class, at less than 3 seconds, both with and without flash. There was minimal shutter lag under bright conditions at about 0.6 second but double that in low light. Burst mode, although limited to a trio of shots, was quite sprightly at both high and low resolutions, averaging around 4fps.

Under most conditions, the CX7330 delivered appropriate exposures. High-contrast shots, however, showed washed-out highlights, but shadow capture was good. Colors were true and, when properly exposed, showed good saturation. Purple fringing and other chromatic aberrations were minimal, and though the CX7330 had trouble capturing fine details, they wonÂ’t be missed in average-size snapshot prints.


Kodak EasyShare CX7330

Score Breakdown

Design 7Features 7Performance 7Image quality 6