Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear review: Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear

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The Good Lightweight and comfortable; precise sound; microphone for VoIP and gaming; cool design.

The Bad Bassheads will prefer other headphones.

The Bottom Line The Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear earphones are a worthy option, thanks to their precise sound, comfortable design and handy microphone. If you're a fan of thumping bass, though, look elsewhere.

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8.3 Overall

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We like headphones that have a couple of different uses, so Klipsch has our attention with its ProMedia In-Ear earphones. They've got a microphone on the cable, making them useful for online gaming and VoIP calls, as well as listening to music. But do they do enough to potentially deprive us of a hard-earned £80 or thereabouts?

Paint it black

We like the design of these earphones. The 'buds themselves are really small, and covered in glossy black, with moody red accents. They look really classy. The translucent, white rubber tips come in several different sizes and a couple of different shapes.

The earphones' colour scheme extends to the remote, a small black cylinder with red stripes that indicate where the single button is. There's also a little optional clip that you can attach to the cabling, in case you want to secure the headphones to your clothing. 

The headphones are incredibly light. They felt comfortable in our ears, and never started to slide out as we jauntily strolled along the streets of London Town.

Microphone master

We tested out the microphone's audio clarity using Skype's 'test call' service, which lets you make a Skype call, and then play back your voice as it was registered. When we played back the audio, it proved very clear. It was free from hissing and there wasn't much background noise.

Consequently, we think these headphones will make for an adequate VoIP headset, and work equally well with games. They're much, much smaller than most gaming headsets too. Note that the microphone works with Skype for iPhone, although it won't work for standard calls made on Apple's smart phone.

The headphones come with a little adaptor that splits the end of the cable into two separate 3.5mm prongs, so you can plug them into a laptop's dedicated headphone and microphone sockets. The cable is long too, so you won't have to hunch over to hear these bad boys if your phone or MP3 player is buried in your pocket.

Klipsch canon

We can identify the Klipsch sound straight away -- there's a focus on precision and clarity, and less on booming bass. It's the same tight, controlled sound we've heard on the company's high-end 'buds, but at a greatly reduced price.

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