KitCamera for iOS review: Back and better than before

The Good KitCamera offers a ton of tools, film effects, and lenses for both photos and video in an interface that's easy to navigate.

The Bad Some features are difficult to find initially.

The Bottom Line KitCamera is a must-have for mobile photographers with tons of tools and effects, along with fine-tuning controls to help you get the perfect shot.

9.4 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 9
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 10

KitCamera is a photo and video-editing app in a sea of similar apps in the App Store, but an intuitive tool layout, unique effects, and fine-tuning capabilities make it an excellent choice.

KitCamera is a remake and redesign of KitCam, one of my favorite photo editors that was acquired and shutdown by Yahoo in the summer of last year. The developer of the new app (a former KitCam user) used many of the same interface elements from KitCam, included more lenses, films, and frames than the original app, and redesigned the user interface. All of which results in an improved photo editor that will be immediately familiar to KitCam users, but with more features that are even easier to use.

With KitCamera, you can mix and match 16 lenses, 51 different films, and 40 frames to create great-looking images. You can take multi-shots and combine them; make time-lapse shots at specific intervals to create a video; take nighttime shots with a 1-second exposure; and tons of other cool options. Whether it's before you've taken the shot or after, you can access all the lenses, films, and frames in the app using unique slide-out drawers that make experimentation a snap.

Getting started with KitCamera

To get started, you have the option to pick a photo from your library or take a fresh picture. To get to your camera roll, simply touch the camera film-like icon in the upper left, then browse through your photo library for the shot you want to use.

When taking a fresh photo, you can see what different filters and effects will look like before you snap the picture. But even if you don't like the resulting photo once it's snapped, KitCamera lets you use the slide-out drawers to tweak the look afterward as well.

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