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Kara B Metro Backpack review: Kara B Metro Backpack

Roomy and well-padded, Kara B's Metro Backpack will protect your laptop and look good doing it. We just wish it were more comfortable.

Lara Luepke
Kara B Metro Backpack
Available in an array of eye-popping laminated cotton, vinyl, and acrylic patterns, Kara B's attractive and well-padded Metro Backpack, priced at $85, will protect your laptop, and it offers plenty of room for accessories.

The Metro Backpack's zippered rear section features a fully padded compartment that fits most laptops with 15-inch screens; if your notebook is bigger, it may be a tight fit. An adjustable strip of padding borders the laptop compartment and can be repositioned to secure smaller laptops. The front flap, which is secured with a snap, covers two large compartments: a narrow one and another that includes a wallet-size zippered pocket and two open accessory pockets. These surprisingly roomy compartments are ideal for carrying file folders and other essentials. There are also two pockets on the bagÂ’s exterior: a cell phone pocket on the side, and a large pocket on the back, but carrying anything substantial in that pocket makes the bag uncomfortable to wear.


Kara B Metro Backpack

The Good

Fully padded laptop compartment; attractive; plenty of pocket space.

The Bad

Straps have minimal padding; snap closures not ideal.

The Bottom Line

This aptly padded laptop backpack is stylish and roomy. We just wish it were a little more comfortable to carry.

The Metro Backpack's straps are thin--only a little over an inch wide--and the removable padding has a tendency to slip out of place, both of which make wearing the bag a bit uncomfortable. Between the stiff material on our vinyl unit and the small buckle, we had a difficult time adjusting the straps. And even though the straps are riveted in place and the bag seems sturdy, weÂ’re skeptical of the Metro Backpack's long-term durability under heavy use.