JVC DR-MV1 DVD Recorder/VHS Combo Deck

If you want to start recording DVDs, but can't quite give up on your VHS tape collection, JVC's DR-MV1 combo deck lets you cover both bases.

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The DR-MV1, with its DVD Recorder and VCR combination, delivers high-resolution PAL/NTSC progressive (625P/525P) pictures. You can dub a program from VHS to DVD or from DVD to VHS with the push of a single button. The DVD recorder skips any blank space on tape in VHS-to-DVD dubbing, so DVD discs are free of unwanted blank spaces between recorded programs.

The unit incorporates a time base corrector and component output for DVD and VHS. These features improve the quality of pictures from VHS when dubbing to DVD by reducing the jitter typically contained in images from worn and older videotapes (time base corrector) and by recording in progressive scan (only one set of component cables is required to connect the DR-MV1 to your TV to utilise both the DVD recorder and the VHS recorder).

Motion Active Progressive Scan Output generates a progressive scan signal from interlaced scan sources, such as TV programs recorded on DVD. For movie sources, the deck also delivers progressive pictures without interlacing the original pictures.

The DR-MV1 can memorise data from up to 1,300 programs and then can tell you which disc to load to view a particular show. After you load the disc, animated thumbnails help guide you through the recorded content.

Simultaneous recording and playback of TV programs, available with DVD-RAM, offers functionality similar to that of a hard disk drive and its i.LINK input terminal allows you to dub and edit MiniDV video camera content.

The recorder also comes with two tuners so you can simultaneously record two different programs from two different channels on DVD and videotape.


The downside is that you have to make a choice.  Increasingly we are seeing DVD recorders with hard drives; the JVC DR-MH30 (launched simultaneously with the DR-MV1) can also store video content in a built-in HDD - but it trades off VCR playback capability. If you want it all in one box, tough luck.


This combination deck should prove to be a good bridge for those with a large VCR library who now want to step up to DVD recording.