Joytech Xbox 360 Digital VGA cable pack

Upgrade your Xbox 360 to full HD with the Joytech Xbox 360 Digital VGA cable pack.

Randolph Ramsay

Randolph Ramsay

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If you want your Xbox 360 to produce its best when it comes to graphics (and you have a television or monitor with a VGA input) , then you need to hook it up to your television using HD-capable gear, such as Joytech's Xbox 360 Digital VGA cable.

The Joytech Xbox 360 Digital VGA cable pack is an AV connector which features a VGA plug and RCA stereo outs. It also features a digital optical cable for better audio support (provided you have an amp or receiver with a digital audio input, of course). The cable itself features durable build quality, while its length of roughly 1.5m should suit most home entertainment set-ups.