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JLab Epic in-ear headphones review: Not quite epic, but quite decent

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The Good The JLab Epics are lightweight in-ear headphones that deliver good sound for a relatively modest price. They also fit comfortably, have a tangle-resistant flat cord, and come with a few different-sized Cush Fins that make them sit very securely in your ear. Additionally, they have a one-button universal inline remote/microphone and come with a decent protective carrying case.

The Bad They look a little cheap.

The Bottom Line The JLab Epics may look a little cheap, but they offer a comfortable, secure fit, and sound richer than their design would indicate.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Sound 7
  • Value 8

When you name a product Epic, it's got some pretty big shoes to fill.

JLab's Epic in-ear headphones, which come in a couple of different color options, don't quite achieve their eponymous status, but they are decent earphones for their relatively modest price tag of around $50 online.

The Epics' claim to fame is that they feature large 13mm drivers and come with six gel-tip sizes and four "Cush Fins" that give you a number of options for creating a secure fit. They're also lightweight and have a flat cord that's tangle-resistant.

I sampled some of the tips and Cush Fins and came up with a combo that enabled me to get a tight seal; the earphones really stayed in my ears. You could definitely use these for athletic workouts (I ran a bit with them), but it would have been nice if they were sweat-resistant (I didn't see any mention of it).

The earphones seem durable enough, but they've got a little too much of a plastic vibe to them, so they come across as a budget headphone. The long and short of it is they sound better than they look (by that I don't mean they're ugly, they just look a little cheap).

The Epics, which have large 13mm drivers, come with a few different sized 'fins' that help keep the earphones in your ears. Sarah Tew/CNET

My only other gripe was that -- while the Cush Fins are easy to get on and off -- I ended up losing one and was forced to switch over to a second-choice fin. It's nice that you get all the tips and fins, but the fact is, you're probably going to end up liking one size tip and one type of fin more than the others and you'll wish JLab had including doubles.

JLab reportedly has good customer service, so I decided to test it out. When I called customer service to tell them I'd lost a fin, they offered to send me out a new pack of fins free of charge (if you're wondering, I did not identify myself as a CNET editor). So there's something to be said for that.

As far as extra features go, the Epics have an inline one-button "universal" remote with microphone. The button allows you to pause and play tracks and skip them forward and back (two quick button pushes for forward, three for back). However, there are no inline volume controls.

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