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Jazz Sound Walker J1301 review: Jazz Sound Walker J1301

The Good Portable; many sound settings to choose from.

The Bad No setup instructions; difficult to get full sound.

The Bottom Line This 4-inch speaker set will fill a small room, and it produces decent sound, but a lack of setup instructions and its sound distortion at high levels keep us from recommending these speakers.

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5.8 Overall

Jazz Sound Walker J1301

The Jazz Sound Walker J1301 speakers offer better sound than what you'll get from most laptops' built-in speakers, but they don't offer enough sound to warrant their $61 price. The USB Sound Walker speaker set includes two 4-inch-tall speakers, an installation CD, and a carrying case. However, the speakers come with absolutely no guidance on how to set them up or how to use the included software. The Sound Walker system offers a variety of features, including 5.1 virtual surround sound, but we heard no noticeable difference with that option selected. The speakers' software controls also let you adjust the sound based on the type of music you're listening to and your listening environment. After fiddling with these settings, we got something approaching full sound out of the speakers, but they still lacked bass and often sounded tinny, and when we cranked them up to 5 (out of 10), the sound became distorted.

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