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Jamo A200HCS5 review: Jamo A200HCS5

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The Good Big sound, small package. Easy to set-up. Excellent surround sound steering. Music replay is respectable.

The Bad Can lack warmth. Need to be careful with crossover settings.

The Bottom Line The Jamo A200HCS5 is a discrete 5.1 system that puts the emphasis on high-quality cinema sound, but can also set your toes a tappin'.

8.4 Overall

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If you're looking to improve your home theatre sound there are usually two options: a cheap home-theatre-in-a-box system or an expensive, room-filling 5.1 speaker and receiver package. But what if you want somewhere in between price-wise with the discretion that a sub-sat system offers?

Jamo's solution is the A200HCS5, a 5.1 speaker pack priced around the AU$1000 sweet spot. It features five discrete satellites, each housing a 3-inch driver and a 25mm tweeter, plus a SUB 210 8-inch subwoofer rated at 200W.

The system comes in a "huge range of black" (or white) with the plastic satellites featuring a funky grille and piano finish on the rear. The satellites feature a "push button" speaker wire clip that will fit smaller gauge wires but not your Monster Cables or other exotica.

The speakers come with metallic, iMac-like stands, though our kit only included three instead of five. The speakers can also be wall-mounted, and in either configuration they can be seated horizontally or vertically.

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