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iRock Beamit

For $30, your money would be better spent on a bag of rocks, which would probably transmit your music more effectively than iRock's seriously lackluster Beamit.

iRock Beamit

We've been generally unimpressed with most of the FM transmitters we've tested, but the iRock Beamit ($30) takes the cake, dropping the ball in every department except for its looks. The Beamit sports the old iMac colors and has a sturdy, 5-inch miniplug cord for your iPod (or other MP3 player, for that matter), but we couldn't get good reception, even when we held the device right in front of our FM receiver. Plus, the included adapter for car cigarette lighters powers only the Beamit, not your iPod. (The Beamit also runs on a pair of AAA batteries if an electric cigarette lighter isn't handy.)

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