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Iqua 603 Sun Bluetooth Headset review: Iqua 603 Sun Bluetooth Headset

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The Good The Iqua Sun is a solar-powered headset that has a theoretically infinite standby time. It also fits securely in the ear and has decent call quality.

The Bad The Iqua Sun doesn't perform very well in windy conditions and is a little on the bulky side.

The Bottom Line Though the Iqua Sun may not look like much, its solar power source makes it a great choice for those wanting a Bluetooth headset with an eco-friendly bent.

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7.0 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 8

Editor's note: The above rating is based on a short-term review of the Iqua Sun, as we have not been able to conduct long-term tests at the time of the review. The rating may change after longer term tests are conducted.

Though Iqua is quite an unknown brand in the U.S., it's popular in Europe and is known for making stylish, well-made Bluetooth products. We've reviewed both the Iqua BHS-302 and the Iqua BHS-303 favorably in the past, for example. Now Iqua has introduced a new Bluetooth headset that is surprisingly eco-friendly, dubbed the Iqua Sun. This is the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset as far as we know, complete with a tiny solar panel right on its front face. It has pretty standard Bluetooth headset features and it doesn't look like much, but Iqua promises practically infinite standby time depending on ambient light. If that alone is enough to get your wallets out, prepare to cough up around $100 for one.

By most measures, the Iqua Sun looks like a pretty ordinary headset. Measuring 1.88 inch long by 0.98 inch wide by 0.47 inch deep and weighing a little under 0.5 ounce, the Sun is certainly not the smallest headset we've seen, but it's not that much of a clunker, either. The defining feature of the Sun is, of course, the slab of photovoltaic cell that lies right on its front face. Iqua says that it uses any available light--indoors or outdoors--to extend the talk and standby time of the headset. Theoretically, you may only ever need to charge the Iqua Sun once if you live in a sunny climate. We'll discuss this a little further along in the review.

The top portion of the Sun's face can pressed and serves as the multifunction button, which is used for answering and ending calls. On the left spine is the volume rocker, which is also used for last number redial and initiating a voice command. The multifunction button is easy enough to press, and we had no problems with the volume rocker either. On top is the charger jack and on the back is the in-ear earpiece.

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