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iPodSoft Pod Player 1.4.0 review: iPodSoft Pod Player 1.4.0

Pod Player is a freeware application that lets you play your iPod's music on another PC. If this appeals to you, download it today.

Troy Dreier
2 min read
Pod Player 1.4.0
Unlike other programs for the iPod, iPodSoft's Pod Player doesn't load new information onto your device. Instead, it gives you a another way to access your iPod from a different computer. Imagine that you sync your iPod at home, but you want to play your music through your work computer's speakers. You can't do it using iTunes since it would pair with the iPod and overwrite the music stored on it. But with the iPodSoft Pod Player, you can access your stored music and play it directly from the iPod.


iPodSoft Pod Player 1.4.0

The Good

Lets you play your music through a second Windows PC; fully functional music player; extracts songs to the local hard drive; free.

The Bad

No Mac version.

The Bottom Line

If you'd like to play your iPod tracks through a second PC, the iPodSoft Pod Player freeware is an absolute must-have.

Pod Player's bland, gray interface hides a trove of useful features.

Pod Player is Windows-only freeware. Plug an iPod into your PC, then start the Pod Player app. It detects the iPod and shows the songs in a gray, generic-looking music player. The top shows the playback buttons and the progress bar; the middle shows the iPod contents broken up by genre, artist, and album; and the bottom lists all the tracks. Unfortunately, it works with only Windows-formatted iPods.

For a simple music app, Pod Player has some attractive built-in features. You can shuffle or repeat your music or even extract songs, which is great for when you want to store local copies on a second PC or--ahem--borrow songs from a friend. Pod Player can also check for duplicate tracks, and it can install a few iPod hacks on your player, such as a voltage meter that replaces the battery indicator.

Considering the price and the function, Pod Player is one of the best iPod software deals going. If you'd like an easy way to connect an iPod to a second Windows PC, download it today. Of course, you can always forgo the software and connect your iPod directly to speakers, but you wouldn't get the benefit of the application's cool utilities.