Shoot steadier, more professional-looking iPhone videos with iOgrapher case

If your iPhone 5/5S has become your go-to video camera, the iOgrapher case helps make your results so much better.

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Man, it's hard out there for a camcorder, and accessories like the iOgrapher for the iPhone 5/5S aren't making it any easier.

Sure, camcorders still have their advantages, but with the iOgrapher you can get more professional-looking results from your iPhone and turn it into a mobile video production platform.

Made in the US from molded polycarbonate, the iOgrapher's body is lightweight and sturdy (though it doesn't necessarily feel that way). Your iPhone has to be naked to fit into the case. But, once it's in, it's in there tight and won't come out easily.

The iPhone's power and volume buttons stay accessible as do the headset and Lightning adapter jacks. That way if you want to add a lav or shotgun mic, monitor audio, or run a backup power supply, it's definitely doable.

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There are two accessory shoes on top giving you a place to mount a mic or an LED light panel. These shoes also make it easy to mount a GoPro or other wireless-enabled action cam and use your iPhone as a remote viewfinder and controller when shooting handheld video.

On the front of the case around where your iPhone's camera lens pokes through is a 37mm threaded mount. With it you can add converter lenses for wide-angle or telephoto shots.

Having two handles to grab onto really helps steady the camera. It allows you to not only skip the slippery pinch grip you'd otherwise be using, but you can more comfortably shoot below eye level and keep your elbows tucked in.

Also, the case can stand on its own on a flat level surface, or you can pop it on a tripod using the metal mount on the bottom.

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Now I know some of you out there are shaking your head at all of this and saying, "Go buy a real camera." That's fine, I get that. Frankly, I would most likely end up using it more for handheld shooting with a POV camera.

But, if your iPhone is your camera of choice and you want to get better results from it, the iOgrapher can help you do just that.

Currently, it's available for preorder for $40, though it's expected to start shipping before the end of June. You can learn more about it and see it in action on the iOgrapher YouTube channel.

For those who prefer more screen real estate, versions are available for the iPad Mini and iPad Air. In that space, though, it competes with the Padcaster. It doesn't have handles, but offers more equipment mounting flexibility and a tough aluminum frame and silicone body.

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