Intempo TRS-01 review: Intempo TRS-01

The Good Compact; good reception; decent battery life.

The Bad Volume control delay; no alarm clock function.

The Bottom Line Although the Intempo TRS-01 feels plasticky, its compact design makes it stand out from chunky competitors. This, together with its decent battery life and good reception, makes it a worthwhile low-price purchase

6.5 Overall

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Intempo Digital made a name for itself a year or two ago with some pretty outlandish looking DAB radios that were styled by British fashion designer Matthew Williamson.

This time around it's created the TRS-01 -- a compact and portable set with a cut down range of features and a relatively low asking price of £40.

For a DAB radio, the TRS-01 is surprisingly small and light. It's much closer to the size and shape of traditional FM sets, so it's easy to cart from room to room or take with you when you're heading out. The radio is available in a range of different colours, including black or grey for those with fairly traditional tastes, and red, blue and purple for more adventurous souls.

You'll find a small plug-in power supply in the box for running the radio from the mains, but it can also be powered by four AA batteries. DAB radios generally draw a lot of power, but the TRS-01 will keep running for around 10 hours on batteries, which isn't too bad.

Once you've used the auto-tune button to find all the stations in your area, you can cycle through them via the rotary wheel on the front. To select a station you simply press inwards on the wheel. There's also a row of five preset buttons on the front, but you can actually store ten preset stations at any one time. To access the second set of presets you just hold down the shift button.

We used the radio in east London and the reception was pretty good for such a small set, although as with all DAB radios, you have to be more careful with the placement of the telescopic aerial than you would with a standard FM radio. That said, the radio does have a built-in FM tuner as well, which has very good reception. So if the DAB reception in your area isn't first rate, you can always switch across to analogue mode instead.

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